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Life Style Coach  Professional Matchmaker Entrepreneur

Do you want to meet that special person? Have you found it too difficult to find the time to look for a soul mate? Are you not sure how to find that special one? Have you tried, and failed, in the past?

Perhaps now is the time to get some help. Why not let the experts guide you? Our services are based on the matchmaking tradition which has brought people together successfully for hundreds of years – and for good reason. It works.

We bring people together from some major cities all over the world.

Welcome to Susan Alper Connections where we match successful, interesting and high quality singles with like-minded individuals.

Why We Are  Successful 

Susan Alper, the CEO of Susan Alper Connections, also known as the Rock Star Matchmaker, has a very special talent. She can see in others what they cannot see in themselves which makes her the ideal matchmaker. Her background in the fashion industry where she knows it’s not just about the clothes, but how you wear them that counts has helped her coach many clients. Her honesty and attention to detail often surprises people and her charm, persistence, wisdom and compassionate nature makes her such a successful organizer of relationships and events.

We take time to understand the type of person who can change your life, and we become your guide and friend throughout the whole adventure.

This personal service has resulted in wonderful new relationships time and time again. Add to that our extensive network of clients and contacts and it’s a recipe for success.


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The Ideal  Matchmaker

15032014-DSC_5527Susan’s creative mind and her natural talent for PR make her the perfect candidate for promoting people and businesses. Many years ago she recognized the need for her unique abilities and started Susan Alper Connections. Her passion for events and charities is always based around communicating in a fun way. Susan loves to motivate people to be happy and enjoy every single day.
She is always creating new ways to keep up with today’s fast moving economy. Using old school networking and modern technology, she builds relationships, launches new products, promotes events, and can take your company or relationship to a whole new level. Susan Alper has an extraordinary talent that has helped many people. She can help you too. ‘Being happy is the best reward for success’, says Susan.

We take matchmaking seriously – we really do want to find a life partner for you so, unlike most other matchmaking services, we meet each and every client so that we can really get to know you.